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What I Do

Here at Mindful Conscious Spirits, my goal is simple...empower parents and young kiddos who struggle with big emotions so they can thrive as emotionally intelligent beings. My highest priority is to ensure that families are getting the most effective, quality services.

That's why I created solutions that include parent coaching, family mindfulness lessons, kids yoga classes, and caregiver/provider trainings.

Ty Lockhart, M.A., CYT

Owner & Founder

Making Connections Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices help children understand, embrace, and process their emotions, thoughts, and sensory information. Here's how I play my part to spread the love and healing benefits!

Parent Coaching Services

I offer step-by-step coaching for parents of young kiddos with big emotions who are exhausted and want to reduce chaos, find balance in their lives, and help their kiddo thrive. Parents learn how to understand their kiddo's behaviors and teach them to manage their emotions, self-regulate, and reduce challenging behaviors through the use of mindfulness and sensory-based practices.

Yoga & Mindfulness Services

Mindfulness is the key to true connection, with others and with ourselves. When we are present in our experiences, we can truly understand and love ourselves, others, and our experiences. That's why I came up with solutions that include family mindfulness lessons and kids yoga classes.

Training & Collaboration

I have a passion for supporting kiddos of all “neuro types” and believe that mindfulness and sensory-based practices can equip kiddos to better understand themselves, embrace who they are, and be their amazing selves. What better way to do that than train and collaborate with caregivers, teachers, and other professionals to develop emotional development and behavior programs.

How I Can Support You

I’m passionate about supporting families to connect and live life on their terms without emotional overwhelm and sensory overload running the show. Here are a few ways that I do that...

Facebook Community

Join our community of parents raising young kiddos with big emotions and challenging behaviors, who get what you're going through.

Get parent/caregiver support, effective strategies to help your kiddo learn to manage their emotions, and expert tips on how to naturally reduce meltdowns and difficult behaviors.

Trainings & Resources

I’m here to help you raise a resilient, emotionally intelligent, confident kiddo.

Find resources and trainings to gain the knowledge and skills you need to parent your kiddo with confidence and reduce chaos and overwhelm for the whole family.

Parent Clarity Call

Let's chat about your journey raising a kiddo with big emotions…and how I can help.

We’ll get clear on reasons for your kiddo’s big emotions and behaviors, why what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, and considerations for moving forward.

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What My Clients Have To Say....

The information and guidance I got from Ty's program was super helpful, I couldn't do it on my own. Ty really helped me to transform the way I looked at things. I'm now able to identify their needs and address them in a productive and meaningful way with the right tools for our kids.

Mindy Schaefer

Mindy Schaefer

Receiving coaching from Ty has changed my parenting. The mindfulness strategies provided to me to help my son manage big emotions and self-regulation really resonate with my family... With the tools Ty gave us, I’m seeing fewer meltdowns (for both of us!) and am so encouraged by his progress.

Megan Campbell-Miller

Megan Campbell-Miller

We can’t sing Ty’s praises enough! When we initially began working with Ty, our days consisted of a lot of crying, screaming, and full-blown tantrums. Our daughter now has a variety of tools to use when her emotions are getting too big. She is now better able to recognize when she is feeling out of control and will do one of her breathing exercises unprompted. We are so grateful for Ty’s help in making our daily lives less stressful and recommend her to anyone seeking to help their child manage emotions.

The Keels Family

The Keels Family

We feel so grateful to have found Ty at such a crucial point in our highly sensitive daughter’s growth and development. We’ve always known that she processes things differently than other kids, and have always been attuned to her needs. But when the big emotions and sensory sensitivities really started coming online in toddlerhood, we felt totally lost. Ty saw us through one of the most difficult and tumultuous periods of Leah’s life so far. Thanks to Ty we now feel like we are truly on the path to raising our beautiful girl into a strong, empathetic, and resilient adult.

The Fisher Family

The Fisher Family

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